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Iowa House passes an RxP Bill

Reported on the APA RxP list serve by Elizabeth Lonning, PsyD, Iowa and Illinois Licensed Psychologist.

RxP legislation in Iowa passed out of the House yesterday 72-22.  Because this bill has an amendment that was not part of the Senate bill that passed in early April, it goes back to the Senate. Dr. Lonning reported that Iowa started with the New Mexico bill format with the addition of the following items:

Requires two years of supervision with the second year used to gain experience with special populations.

There was collaborative practice agreement between prescribing psychologist supporters and physicians that MAY include limitations on populations and/or medications.

Statements in the bill that the medical board has jurisdiction over the supervising physician.  The bill will jointly create the administrative rules between the Board of Psychology and the Board of Medicine.

Dr. Lonning also reported that 3 doctoral level psychology programs and the University of Iowa Medical School are working together to create a training program in the state.


Ohio RxP Bill Introduced

April 14th – Ohio Senator Keith Seitz introduced a psychologists’ prescribing bill. This has been assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  See the link below for details.

Hawaii RxP Bill Seeking Consensus

April 13 – Hawaii HB1072 passed third reading on the Senate floor with 22 ayes and 2 noes. The next step is for it to go to Conference Committee so that the differences in the House and the Senate bills can be ironed out. The bill would allow Psychologists with advanced training in psychopharmacology to prescribe. Let’s see how this one moves forward.

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