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Psychiatrists and ‘The Silent Shortage’

This link leads to a ‘white paper’ on the massive shortage of psychiatrists in the United States.  The information comes via a locum tenens staffing company. The article is pretty detailed in getting to the heart of the matter and noted that ‘psychiatry….is not a profit center’ for most hospitals and the treatment is generally more complex. Hospital tend to focus on specialty care that is generally viewed as ‘cleaner’, such as orthopedics, cancer, or cardiology. Any thoughts from our readers regarding this?

Idaho Passes Psychologist Prescribing

Idaho became the 5th state to approve a bill to enable psychologists prescribe a limited range of mental health related medications. Click here for details from the American Psychological Association.

Psychologists will be required to obtain a masters degree in pharmacology, complete a period of supervised training, and pass a national examination. As with several other states, the bill will require supervision of prescribing by a physician.

The intent of the legislation was to address issues problems with accessing treatment. The Idaho Psychological Association website provides a detailed explanation of the need to increase access and rationale regarding prescriptive authority.

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