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Illinois Rules for Prescribing Psychologists Approved

The Illinois Rules for the Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists’ statute was approved on 9/12/2017.  Psychologists can now begin to submit their applications for licensure as prescribing psychologists. It was reported there are more than 150 psychologists who are engaged in some facet of training to become prescribing psychologists in Illinois.
Also, Illinois has at least 15 graduate students who are ready to begin their training in Clinical Psychopharmacology at New Mexico State University, as a joint degree with their doctoral degrees from Illinois Universities, along with 75 undergraduate students who have chosen the “Pre-Prescribing Psychologist” curriculum at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.  
Reference: Beth N. Rom-Rymer, PhD , posted to the APA RxP Listserve

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