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Oregon Governor Will Veto Bill To Give Prescriptive Authority to Psychologists

Governor Brown will veto House Bill 3355.
HOUSE BILL 3355 HB 3355 authorizes the State Board of Psychologist Examiners to issue prescriptive authority to licensed psychologists who meets specified requirements.
“Access to appropriate and timely mental health services is a serious issue in Oregon,” Governor Brown said. “I share the concerns about inadequate services that arose during the debate on this bill, particularly for children, vulnerable populations, and rural communities. Unfortunately, this is not a proven solution. There remains a lack of evidence that psychologist prescribing will improve access or quality of care. While prescription drugs may be appropriate mental health treatment for some patients, there are also significant health risks with some drug therapies. HB 3355 contains several flaws that prevent the policy from being implemented safely. I’m open to considering this policy in the future, but my concerns regarding services to underserved populations, an insufficient regulatory structure to prevent over-prescribing, and unclear lines of legal responsibility must first be addressed in order for me to consider signing similar legislation.”
Reference: Jack Wiggins, PhD post to the APA RxP Listserve, 8/9/2017.

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