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Psychologists are doctors with a broad base of training to address the problems of individuals and families. Over the past 15 years, there has been an increased shift toward the use of medications to treat behavioral and emotional problems. Many psychologists responded to this by accessing training in prescribing medications. Some psychologists have completed specific training in prescribing. As a result, legislative efforts in several states not allow appropriately trained psychologists to prescribe. was created to provide a ready source of information on this emerging area of practice. You will find a variety of content of benefit to psychologist, as well as those interested in the use of medications for treating mental health symptoms.

Click Here:  A Brief History of Prescribing Psychologists by Pat DeLeon, J.D., Ph.D.

Click Here: Wikipedia – The Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists Movement


Articles About Early Efforts of Psychologists to Obtain Prescriptive Authority

Psychology’s First Prescribers Article on U.S. Dept. of Defense Training Psychologists to Prescribe Medication

Prescription Privileges: ‘Not Such a Crazy Idea’  – Interesting Article on RxP – pdf.file

Why Seek Prescriptive Authority?   Q & A Developed by the Tenn. Psychological Association.

Psychologist Point and Psychiatrist Counterpoint – From the Albuquerque Journal following the passage of the prescriptive authority bill in New Mexico. Nice summary of the debate and one of the early original pro/con pieces.

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