Prescribing Psychologist

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Legislative Forum


Only Illinois, Oregon, Louisiana and New Mexico grant prescription authority to Psychologists. Click here for a brief video piece describing some of the key issues for both those in favor and those opposed.

Legislative Info & Statutes

APA Practice Central – American Psychological Association Advocacy Info on Prescriptive Authority


For State Specific Information follow the State Psychological Association and Legislative Links to State RxP bills – Some states may require a bill search. Enter keywords ‘prescribing psychologist’ at the state legislature website if the bill does not directly appear.  

  • – Link to the Farleigh Dickinson University RxP program describing existing statures pertaining to psychologists’ prescriptive authority.

The Illinois Psychological Association. The IPA shows what a determined state association can do to promote prescriptive authority! Great resource with links and information.

Need info from other States?  State Psychology Association Directory

APA Model Legislation for Presciptive Authority 

Florida Medical Assoc. Fact Sheet  Opposition to Psychologist Prescribing

Medical Psychologists & Louisiana: A New Specialty Moves Forward


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