Prescribing Psychologist

Your Information Source on Medications, Mental Health, and Psychology Resources

RxP Training

Training Programs to Prepare Psychologists for Prescriptive Authority

(and Links Below to Major Pharmaceutical Companies)

Nova Southeastern University

Masters Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology

Alliant International University

California School of Professional Psychology Post-Masters Program in Psychopharmacology

The New Mexico Collaborative (The Southwestern Institute and New Mexico State

UniversityTexas A&M University’s  Psychopharmacology Certificate

Prescribing Psychologists’ Register

The Psychopharmacology Institute

Farleigh Dickinson Psychopharmacology Program


Pharmaceutical Company Links

Most include links to extensive product information

Bristol-Myers Squibb –, Buspar, Serzone

GlaxoSmithKline – Wellbutrin, Paxil, Dexedrine

Pfizer – Zoloft, Aricept, Viagra

Astra-Zeneca – Seroquel

Eli Lilly – Prozac, Serafem, Zyprexa

Shire Richwood – Adderall, Carbatrol, Dextrastat

Forest Laboratories – Celexa, Lexapro

Celltech – Medadate, Methylphenidate

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